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Wemo Dimmer with Candelabra LEDs

Is there a brand of candelabra (B11, E12) LED bulbs that work with the dimmer properly? I have tried 3 different brands (Feit, Ecosmart, Phillips) and none work consistently - they turn on/off but don’t dim. They all worked with my previous Lutron dimmer. My fixture is 3 bulbs. If I do 1 incandescent and 2 Phillips it dims though inconsistently. The other 2 brands don’t even work that well. If I remove the incandescent the 2 Phillips no longer dim. Seems odd that inserting an incandescent makes it work - why doesn’t it just operate in whatever that mode is all the time. I have not had this issue with a different wemo dimmer controlling some ecosmart A19 bulbs. The only real difference that I know of is that the A19s are higher wattage. Is there a minimum load for the dimmer to work?
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Re: Wemo Dimmer with Candelabra LEDs

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Re: Wemo Dimmer with Candelabra LEDs

As long as it's a LED bulb it should work with the Wemo Dimmer. Here is the list of the compatible bulbs. However, we'd like to have your case taken care of by our 2nd Level Support team for further isolation. Email us at WemoCares@belkin.com along with your full name, phone number, location, and link to this thread.

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Re: Wemo Dimmer with Candelabra LEDs

Two minutes of searching on the forum and my own experience shows that the dimmer clearly does not work with all LED bulbs. I’ll contact support and see what they say.
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Re: Wemo Dimmer with Candelabra LEDs

Did you ever come to find a resolution to this? As I'm finding the same thing with some different led bulbs. Add an incandescent and they dim fine but without it they flicker at everything but 100%. I feel as if it's a minimum current issue but can't find any solid answers.
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Re: Wemo Dimmer with Candelabra LEDs

This list is outdated. Manufacturers change bulbs but not the packaging.





Ecosmart LED 60w dimmable

ecosmart 1001 370 384 (workable) package listing but bulb is acutally B74A19A60WES014 will not dim.