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Registered: ‎09-17-2017

Wemo Light Switch continually loses connection

I have had my wemo light switch for a few years now and recently it has a lot of issues keeping its connection.  I am not sure if this happened with a firmware update or what.  I have my humidifier and normal wemo switch in the same room and they don't have this issue. and when checking wifi signal near the switch it seems fine.


I have reset it and run through setup again and it will connect but then a day later go into the same state where it just continually flashes amber.


My rule for turn on at sunset and off at sunrise still happens even though I can not control the switch with the app.


Any suggestions on things to try, or is it just faulty and broken?

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Re: Wemo Light Switch continually loses connection

Hi, SonicGT. If your router has an IP Reservation feature, we recommend that you take advantage of it. Reserve a specific IP to your Wemo Light Switch and check if that'll make any difference. Also, you can try to power cycle the router and/or your Wemo devices if those will be disconnected from the network prior to resetting them to factory default.

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