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Re: Wemo Link firmware bug? Reset no longer works.

Send us an email at WemoCares@belkin.com and we'll help you sort this out. Please include the link to this post for our reference.

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Re: Wemo Link firmware bug? Reset no longer works.

The wemo product manager contacted me, took my information, but never did get back to me.


I finally discovered on my own that, unlike the other wemos, you can't hold the restore button until the LED starts flashing.  You must release it after about 5s then wait 3-5 minutes for it to begin broadcasting it's setup SSID.


That at least was true a few firmware versions back.  I'm not sure now and as it's such a pain to reconfigure the link after a reset I'll leave it for you to try it on your own...

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Re: Wemo Link firmware bug? Reset no longer works.

I thought I posted about this somewhere on here...


So what Mike wrote is correct.  When you reset the Link it starts its reset procedure even though it doesn't look like it.  Here is the process it goes through:


  1. You press the restore button on Link and plug it back in.
    1. Link begins restore process.
    2. Link boots and connects back to Wi-Fi network (if wi-fi network is available)
  2. Link searches for devices conencted to it (bulbs) and resets them.
    1. Link will contact out to Wemo Remote Cloud Server and remove bulbs from cloud at same time.
    2. If no Wi-Fi or internet available Link will simply put bulbs into setup mode.
  3. Link restores itself.
    1. Link will contact out to Wemo Remote Cloud Server and remove itself from the cloud.
    2. If no wi-fi or internet available Link will reboot into setup mode.


It will take anywhere from 3-10 minutes on average for the whole process.  This depends on the number of devices you have connected to the Link and if you have internet access and Wi-Fi available for the Link.



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Re: Wemo Link firmware bug? Reset no longer works.

I just wasted several hours trying trying to get WeMo Link setup after changing WiFi network. One link and two light bulbs. I finally managed to get into the setup by holding the restore button for 5 s after plugging into power and then waiting OVER TEN MINUTES to reach the setup phase with alternating green and amber indicator light. I think the indicator light went through flashing amber, rapid flashing amber, off, flashing amber (for long time), green, off, then alternating green/amber.


Some clear documentation on how to tell the setp has actually started would be a big help. Holding the restore button for 5 s is clear, but then it does not seem to work... I kept starting again after lights were flashing amber for minutes or light went off assuming it had not worked.


Misleading information:



Check your smartphone for the Wemo Link's default network name before you start the setup again.  This process will take approximately 3 minutes and 30 seconds. [NOPE!]



Press the Restore button on the side panel of the Wemo Link and hold it down while plugging the device into the power outlet.  Keep holding the button for another 5 seconds and wait until you see an alternating green and orange blinking light on it. [NOPE!]


To add insult to injury the WeMo app on my phone was crashing after entering the WiFi password when I finally reached the setup phase with WiFi temporary network up. I got it setup with from a second device, didn't try a reinstall on my phone to see if that made a difference.