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Wemo Maker IFTTT sprinkler control

I watched the video online and it seems pretty straight forward for controlling a sprinkler using Wemo Maker but only for one solenoid?   I have a 13 Zone Sprinkler System with each zone having its own solenoid that my controller operates so I am having a hard time understanding how the Maker will work to operate this system.  Please help me understand this better.  I called the support line but was on hold for 40 minutes and hung up.





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Re: Wemo Maker IFTTT sprinkler control

It can't control 13 zones without additional hardware since as you note, it only has one relay.  You might use it to turn your entire system off or on (e.g. if it rains), but I expect it plugs in so you could use a wemo socket instead, or perhaps use the maker for controlling only one zone.


I know you didn't ask for advice but if you did I'd suggest you just get a programmable controller (which often come with a rain sensor).  More money up front but it's a better fit for the purpose (using 13 makers would be the definition of overkill!).  You may even find one that provides internet access if you really need it.


If you're really into DIY build it using ESP8266's driving relays, like this:  ESP8266 intro.  The "wemos" from China (no relation to belkin!) would probably be a good choice, you likely could do all 13 zones for less than the cost of a single Wemo Maker.