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Registered: ‎07-23-2016

Wemo Maker supply voltage and current question and function questions.

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I have a Maker that was gifted to me a long time ago and I finally may have an application for it.


I have an automatic outdoor fish feeder that is battery operated by a 6V 3A rechargable battery that is hooked up to solar charger. The maker requires 5V @ 1 A for it's power. Can I simply use the 6V 3A from the battery to power the Maker (is the tolerance of maker circuit able to handle this) or do I need to step down the voltage and limit the current from the battery before using it to power the maker?


Next is the programming. The function I need is to be able to have a schedule that switches the relay on for 1second and then back off, several times a day. The times per day needs to be adjusable and the time duration in 1 second increments (or smaller) should be adjustable. 


Can my requirements be accomplished with the maker?