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Registered: ‎01-02-2018

Wemo Mini Just Won't Work

I've had nothing but problems since trying to use this unit. Done the factory reset a few times. Have been able to get it to work a few times but then it dops off and doesn't want to connect. 


Now the other day it said there was a firmware update. Well that went as well as trying to get it to work reliably. It kept getting hung up, it kept telling me the update was successful but not it won't even find the unit.


If I do a factory reset and have my Android phone connect to Wemo.Mini.289 I can start the Wemo App and it says it's connected to the Wemo.Mini.289 connection. I don't bother personalizing it and just touch next. It then starts off connected to the Wemo.Mini.289 and has a series of messages that say it is attempting to connect, please wait.... So I wait...


and I wait ...


and today it's asking me for my WiFi password so let's see what happens. I enter the password and back to please wait, still working


so I wait ...


and I wait ...


and I give up. These devices really seem to have some serious firmware bugs and I'm not sure how to overcome that. I've captured some network traffic to try and decipher what is going on but I'm not an expert on using WireShark so I would just be wasting more of my time.


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Re: Wemo Mini Just Won't Work

Same issue using IOS...Got firmware update last night. Once I selected to update the firmware never installed. This morning nothing works now. What I have done already; reset plug to factory settings twice, removed app and reinstalled. The app cannot connect to Wemo plug. Same issue with me, using IOS.