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Registered: ‎11-08-2018

Wemo Mini Overheating

Hello, I have a wemo mini that I have plugged into the wall outlet and then a space heater plugged into it. 


I have a custom rule that turns the Wemo on in the early morning to warm up our bathroom, but for the past week it has been shutting off about 30-45 minutes into heating due to overheating of the Wemo mini device. The device itself is quite hot, but it is appropriately plugged into the wall and into plug for the heater is nicely plugged into the Wemo. I have confirmed that the amperage and wattage of the heater does not exceed that of the Wemo mini rating. 

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Re: Wemo Mini Overheating

Hi goblue808. Please help us confirm if the Wemo device in question, is hot to the touch? Do you smell burnt smell within the room where the said device is located? Is there any visible physical damage on the Wemo device? If the answer to these question is Yes. Please shoot us an email at WEMOcares@belkin.com along with the following information:



-Email Address

-Phone Number


-Community Username and a link to this post.


Additional information:


-Model Number of the Wemo device

-Firmware Version

-Photo of the Wemo device


We look forward on receiving your email.

Thank you.

Wemo Technical Support