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Wemo Mini Smart Plug Disconnecting from Wifi

Hello, I recently got two smart plugs. Both setup fine and worked great with the app (android Galaxy S9) and through connection with my Google Home. However, one of them consistently starts flashing orange/yellow indicating that it is disconnected from Wifi after a few hours. Unplugging and plugging it in fixes it for a few more hours until it disconnectes again. I even returned the offending smart plug and got a replacement, same problem. The first one has always worked fine, but the second one, even after replacement, has this random disconnect issue. I have tried moving it right next to the router, have tried setting a static IP address for it, have reset it, and done everything else I can think of. Please advise, thanks! 

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Re: Wemo Mini Smart Plug Disconnecting from Wifi

Hi, fortheone589. What's the model number of your Wemo device? How far is it from the router? Is it running on the latest firmware? For isolation, please try to test your Wi-Fi connection by setting up your Wemo plug near to your router. Make sure that no device or furniture is interfering with the connection for both devices.

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Re: Wemo Mini Smart Plug Disconnecting from Wifi

Will the proximity of the Wemo Mini Smart Plug cause it to disconnect from the Wifi?

Similar to the earlier post. I have one that stays connected, but it is closer to the Wifi and one that is in another room (about 8' - 10' away) and it won't stay connected. 

Is distance and issue and how does one go about fixing that? Is it not possible to use the Wemo Smart Plug at all if you are not near the Wifi?

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Re: Wemo Mini Smart Plug Disconnecting from Wifi

Hello heysash.


Given the distance you've mentioned, the Wemo device/s should still work well within that signal range. However, there are a lot of factors that can hinder the connection between your router and your Wemo device/s. For example, the location where the Wemo is installed/placed. Please check if there are devices that also broadcast SSID's on their location. This may cause interference between your Wemo device/s and your router's signal. Also, how thick are the walls between them. Check the Wemo device/s LED status too.

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Re: Wemo Mini Smart Plug Disconnecting from Wifi

Check the wifi status LED - if it's flashing amber it's having trouble connecting.


My experience, especially with the newer minis, is they can struggle to make and keep a connection.  The wifi chips they're using are not of the highest quality and there can be a lot of varation between units (the size of the minis and the variation has me suspect it's antenna related).  Connectivity can depend a lot on the outlet used too, so perhaps line noise is a factor.  Moving to a different outlet can make the difference regardless of distance from the router.


If you have multiple AP's with the same SSID it appears wemos connect to the first signal they find by testing each channel in turn; they don't always connect to the strongest signal available.

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