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Wemo Switch not Detected

Hi, I'm new hear and looking for help after months of trying to get a Wemo switch to work correctly.


My switch is connected to me network and, on a daily basis, I can see it renews its DHCP lease so the LAN side of things is fine. However, a few days after I leave the property (which is a holiday home) the app reports that the switch is not detected. I have reinstalled the app and updated the switch firmware all to no avail. The only suggestion I can get from Belkin is to restart the switch - not a bright suggestion for a holiday home that's 150 miles away!


So, I'm asking you PLEASE can anyone point me in the right direction. Just to add that I tried to use IFTTT but that says the device is offline so it appears to be an issue with remote access on the switch itself.


I'm even open to suggestions for alternative hardware that is trouble-free!


Thanks in anticipation!



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Re: Wemo Switch not Detected

Hi Timbath! Which model do you have? Is the remote access working before? You can try to clear the data of the app (tap Edit>Select a WEMO device>Reset Options>Clear Data. Once accomplished, force close it and reboot your handheld device.


If it is not detected, there is a possibility that the switch is offline. Is there somebody you can ask to check the status of the device?



WEMO Technical Support
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Re: Wemo Switch not Detected

I use an iPhone and downloaded Airport Utility app because my router is Apple Time Capsule. I can select the Time Capsule and Restart Base Station each time the switches come up as Not Detected in the Wemo app. This occurs 1-4x daily and is super annoying but at least my 5 Wemo switches can be "restarted" from long distance. Prior to this work-around, I was unable to use the switches for nearly half a year.