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Registered: ‎03-23-2017

Wemo Switch on timer + Nest home/away?

I have a Nest thermostat and am thinking about adding a Wemo Switch that would connect to the Nest.  Our house has a recirc pump that recirculates hot water to the far parts of the house so you get hot water faster in the parts of the house that are far away from the hot water heater.


I'd like to use a Wemo Switch on the recirc pump to do the following:


If Nest thermostat is Away or Auto-Away, then turn recirc pump off.


If Nest thermostat is Home, then run recirc pump on a schedule (on at 7am, off at 11pm).


Any time the Nest thermostat goes to Away or Auto-away, the recirc pump should be turned off and as soon as Nest thermostat comes back to the "Home" state, then the recirc pump should resume operating the Wemo schedule set for it.


Can a Wemo Switch handle both of these rules at the same time


Does a Wemo Switch recognize Nest Auto-Away in addition to manual Away?

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Registered: ‎09-06-2017

Re: Wemo Switch on timer + Nest home/away?

I have this exact same setup (hot water recirc pump that be off during the night and on during the day unless the Nest thermostat is on Away).  I'm having trouble getting the rules to work.  I can't get it to turn off at night.  When I triy to add a schedule rule to turn it off at night, the Wemo app gives me an error message that says "existing rules will be suspended during Nest Home/Away".  Does anyone have advice on the best way to achieve the schedule described by jfreind00 above?