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Wemo Switch

Within a year's time my Wemo switches stop responding and connecting to wifi. During year performance of wemo switches were mediocre. Very disappointing in having wasted my time and money on a device. Will probably never buy a belkin product again. As a read the many many many issues ppl have with this product and various proposed "resolutions" I cant help but feel taken advantage of. Consumers should not have to go through such efforts for a simple function. I have Alexa, Schlage, Hue, Wink, Nest in my home and none of which have giving me the capacity of headache and lack of performance as Wemo. never again.

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Re: Wemo Switch

Hi, cjones1906.


Give us a chance to improve your experience with Wemo.


We’d like to know more of your concern and if you allow us, we’ll have our 2nd Level Support team assist you. Please send us an email at WemoCares@Belkin.com with your username, link to this community post, case number (if there’s any), contact details (complete name, phone number, location) and the model numbers of the Wemo switches.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Re: Wemo Switch

Gee, that's great customer service... if it were true.


I've complained to your 2nd level support about the bugs plaguing the wemo link and nothing has been done.  That team simply stops communicating when the problem can't be solved with "reset and reinstall" or a technical savvy user refuses to accept that the problem is with their router (in my case laughingly since the LEDs communicate to the link not the router) given that every other non-belkin device is connected properly (echoing cjones's point).


Many, many, many users have complained about these same issues that cjones has restated.  You shouldn't be pretending they're new, or a suprise, or that they're isolated to his environment.



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