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Wemo devices losing WIFI association

I have ten wemo devices, mostly Insights but also a coffee maker, that have been experincing problems remaining associated to WIFI. They all seem to lose association and then retry many times before reestablishing. It is creating so much extra WIFI traffic that I have had to disconnect all of them, they were actually preventing other devices from associating. When they do associate they appear to have problem obtaining a DHCP address which may be why they then disassociate and try again. All together this behavior has made the wemo devices unusable. The only device I still have connected is my Wemo Mr. Coffee and it is still having issues, but works ok as a manual coffee maker. I just unplug it when not using it so it doesn't flood the access point.

My home network is a Meraki MX64 with a MS220 switch providing POE to 3 MR32 APs, one on each floor and in separate vertical planes in the house. The APs auto configure themselves onto three separate channels on both 2.4 and 5 ghz. Most of the wemos appear to be associating to the AP on 2.4 ghz channel 1 even when another AP is closer on a different channel. I'm assuming this is a limitation in the wemo firmware. I have spent time with Meraki troubleshooting this issue, and everything seems to point to the wemo devices as the culpret. Before I list them for sale on eBay, any ideas about how to get them working again? Maybe an older firmware image I could load, since they have worked fine for many years and only recently began having issues?

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Re: Wemo devices losing WIFI association

@lsudduth. What’s The LED light status of the Wemos when they disconnect from the network? Have you tried to power cycle your modem/router and check if that improved the Wemo’s performance or reset/reconfigured them? The network may also be experiencing high traffic, you could divide your connected devices between the 5GHz and 2.4GHz network to ease up network traffic.




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Re: Wemo devices losing WIFI association

The Wemo devices begin blinking orange when they become disassociated. There is relatively low traffic on the network except when all the Wemo devices lose their connectivity and are all trying to associate at the same time. I have tried restarting all the devices in question and moving the devices around. I have power cycled the gateway that supplies the DHCP addresses as well as the access points.. It does not seem to be a physical problem or an RF problem.  I have tried to reset and reconfigure individual devices and forced them to only use 2.4 ghz by selecting an SSID that does not offer 5 ghz. I'm not sure what else to try at this point. Is there any way to downgrade the firmware so that I can see if that makes a difference?

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Re: Wemo devices losing WIFI association



We'd like to have a better look at the setback. If the LED is blinking orange, it means that the device doesn't get any connection from the router. Did you receive any updates before you noticed this disassociating concern? What's the version of your Wemo App and your Wemo device's Firmware? Please know that there is no way for us to revert the firmware manually.


Please try to disable and re-enable the Remote Access to refresh the settings. You can also try force closing the Wemo App or uninstall, clear its cache and re-install it to isolate the issue further. You can also check the device list of the Wemo App using another handheld device to see if the same behaviour occurs and make sure that it has at least 2-bars of Wi-Fi signal for the Wemo to work properly. 

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