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Wemo light Switch controlling Wemo Insight Switch? Other ideas?

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I am new to the Wemo world and I'm trying to figure out the best way to manage a few things with these devices.  I'd appreciate any advice or help!  I'm having trouble finding a *simple* solution to my problem, other than spending a lot of money in getting wifi to a barn.  


I will be installing four new Wemo switches in my home today- all will have wifi access, so no problems there!


The problem comes when I try to figure out how to mange a plug-in light and the water trough heaters in the barn (about 200 feet away from wifi).  


Would I be able to get a wemo light switch to "communicate" with a wemo insight that is connected in the barn?  How about using Link?  


I'd appreciate any and all creative ideas!  The water heaters in the winter especially suck a lot of electricity and I'd like to use it with IFTTT to coordinate on/off with temperatures.  Thanks!

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Re: Wemo light Switch controlling Wemo Insight Switch? Other ideas?

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Hi lwtfb2, 


A wifi connection is needed for the WEMO to work properly. If there is no internet access but there is a wireless router then the WEMO should work however it is not accurate over time. The WEMO light switch could not communicate with a WEMO insight switch alone but they can have different rules and can be controlled using the WEMO app. The WEMO link is paired with the WEMO led bulbs and can be used with up to 50 lightbulbs per WEMO Link . 

For the water heaters, you can use the WEMO maker.



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