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Wemo light switch wont connect

Wemo light switch is not detected in wifi. Orange light continually blinks
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Re: Wemo light switch wont connect


Is this for initial setup or was this working fine before? Try rebooting the Light Switch by switching the circuit breaker Off for a few seconds, then switch it back On. Also, how far is the device from your router? It may be getting a weak signal from the network. If you can, try relocating it closer to the router.

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Re: Wemo light switch wont connect

So ONCE AGAIN...(3rd time).  The switrch WORKED before we changed routers.  I have rebooted it THREE times with no success. It is roughly three feet from the router.  Can I just send this WPOS back, all it is now is a fancy wall switch, and "tech services" has been no help.

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Re: Wemo light switch wont connect

If you changed your router and did not keep the same SSID and password you need to FACTORY RESET the device and set it up from scratch.   If the device is still flashing amber you're only rebooting which does nothing.  It will be flashing alternate colors when it's ready to setup, ready for you to connect to it as an access point.  If you've gone through the original setup procedure and it's still flashing amber either you've given it the wrong password or it's too far from the router.

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Re: Wemo light switch wont connect

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Hello monkeeboy55


Mike's right. If you give your new router exactly the same WiFi username and password (the SSID, not your admin login) that your old one had your WeMo(s) should connect seamlessly along with any other WiFi kit might have. Mine did.


Remember that your WeMo needs the 2.4GHz band too. They won't work on the 5GHz band which your router probably also supports seeing as it's new.