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Wemo link Wont Reset

Hello Tech Folks,


Initially set up my Wemo Link without issue.  Now I find that I can't get the link to reset and broadcast for reset.  I have following all of the support documents found here:  http://community.wemo.com/t5/WEMO-Application/WeMo-Resetting-the-Easy-Way/td-p/5016


What I don't get is a flashing green and amber signal, the link just continually blinks amber.  I think that I have a faulty link that needs replacement.  Can you please provide me with the steps to return and get a replacement sent.  




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Re: Wemo link Wont Reset

Those are the wrong instructions, use these instead:  http://www.belkin.com/us/support-article?articleNum=116170.  If you hold the restore button any longer than about 5s it won't reset.  And it can take a few minutes to finish it's reset and to begin broadcasting it's SSID.

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Re: Wemo link Wont Reset

Looks like that article needs to be updated as well.  


Mike has the correct procedure but to add context the LInk is going to look like it connects back to your network.  It is but it is removing itself and any connected bulbs from your Wemo Remote Server listing which is what is taking so long.  After you tell it to reset expect a 5 or so minute wait while it does its thing.



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Re: Wemo link Wont Reset

I tried to factory reset the wemo link and it will not forget my network and setup. Is there a true factory reset?