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Wemo mini won't configure

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I bought 4 Wemo mini switches and 3 of the for configured right out of the box as they should.  Connected to Wemo app on my iPhone and connected to Alexa. The 4th mini would not configure.  At the wifi connect signal (white and orange alternate flashing lights) I connected to the mini SSID and the LED light changes to solid orange once I open the Wemo app. The switch drops the SSID boadcast and the iPhone reconnects automatically to my home network.  The Wemo app then displays the name your Wemo device a name but is associated with an already configured switch.  I've reset the mini switch to factory settings multiple times (hold power switch when plugging device in until LED flashes white) but the same nonsense repeats. I can't seem to get the mini switch to hold the private wifi long enough to configure it and attach it to my home network.  Has anyone experienced this?



One more thing, sometimes when I attempt to reset the factory settings after the unit is unplugged 5-10 minutes, nothing visible is happening.  No LED lights are displayed.  It's plugged in and not a single light comes on as if there is no power to the wall outet (which there is).  Very odd. I think I got a bad unit and need to replace it.


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Re: Wemo mini won't configure

Hello @WilliamE,


Does the Wemo device in question still broadcast its SSID?

Can you provide the Hardware version of the Wemo mini in question?

You've mentioned that you've already tried resetting it, have you tried plugging it in to a different outlet? Did the issue persist?

Is the firmware on that Wemo mini up to date? How far is this Wemo device from your router?


Keep us in the loop and provide feedback after.

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Re: Wemo mini won't configure

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Does the Wemo device in question still broadcast its SSID?  CCleaner  Happy Wheels  VLC