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Wemo minis killing my network

For the past few months I have been dealing with an issue that has been driving me crazy. I use an hdhomerun to watch live tv on hardwired nvidia shields. Every 10 minutes the stream breaks up for a few seconds. Enough to be pretty annoying.

So what am I doing on the wemo forum? Well i think I've narrowed the issue down to something the minis are doing every 10 minutes. If i watch my routers traffic monitor, i can clearly see a spike... Mac filter all the minis (i have 5) and the issue goes away. What's going on?? I've had these for a year and this only started about 2 months ago... Remind me, when was the last firmware released?

I also have 3 switches that don't seem to be affected. Has this issue been reported? Is belkin aware?

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Re: Wemo minis killing my network

Hi, atomxv. Do you mean that you have your HDHomeRun plugged onto a WEMO Mini? How far is the Mini from your router? Also, what firmware is it running on? Did you try rebooting the WEMO Mini and check if the same setback occurs?

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Re: Wemo minis killing my network

No, the HDhomerun is not plugged into a wemo. I have 5 minis throughout my house (the furthest from the router is not more than 50 feet. All wemos have been rebooted multiple times.


All Wemo minis are on WeMo_WW_2.00.11143.PVT-OWRT-SNSV2 which i suspect is the problem. When was this firmware released?  I have had these for the last year, but my issue only started several months ago. I seem to remember a wemo firmware update from a few months back (because it had issues with several of the wemos installing it). 


Here are some screenshots from my router's traffic monitor showing the spike at 10 minute intervals. 




This shows a 24 hour period.




Here is a spike in detail. When that happens, my hdhomerun stream is interrupted for a few seconds. This happens every 10 minutes. If i mac filter the minis and kick them off the network, the issue goes away. so what is it that they are doing every 10 minutes??

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Re: Wemo minis killing my network



We'd like to have our Escalation Engineers investigate the devices further. Please send us an email at Wemocares@belkin.com with the following details and the link to this community thread for reference.

  • Full name
  • Username
  • Phone number
  • State/Country
  • Wemo devices model number, Mac address, and current firmware
  • Wemo app and mobile OS version
  • Internet Service Provider
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Re: Wemo minis killing my network

email sent. thanks.