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Wemo switches bricked after firmware

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I have two standard Wemo light switches and neither one is working, not even manually pressing the button. The app stated that new firmware was installed, so I am suspecting that is the culprit.


It kind of sucks that my lights don't work, not even by the physical switch. IMO there should never be anything software related that disables manual control.


I see several other posts about this same issue previously, so I am assuming that Belkin has yet to figure it out or to stop sending out bad firmware.


So, what do I do? Based on previous posts, I'll need to do a hard reset and set these up from scratch again. This really isn't acceptable Belkin, you should be more careful and test your firmware before release.

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Re: Wemo switches bricked after firmware



What's the current LED status of your Wemo Light Switches? What firmware version is it currently running on? Did you try to reset it? If not, please do and update us on how it goes. 

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