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Wemo switches not working after changing routers

I currently have 4 WEMO switches, and two WEMO bulbs in my house.  They've been working well for the past few years, but I just upgraded my router, and had to create a new network.  I also removed my old network/router.  I've been able to get everything (computer, numerous Alexa devices, Fire TV, etc.) working again, but I can't get my WEMO devices working.


I'm using the Android version of the app (ver. 1.18), and it said that there are firmware updates available.  So I went ahead and tried to install the updates.  I unplugged each of my switches, and plugged them in while holding the reset button until the lights flashed amber and blue.  Each switch has been flashing and unresponsive for a day now, and uncontrollable.  I can manually turn my lights on by pushing the button on the switch, but I can't do it using Alexa, or the WEMO app.  My WEMO app has the following message:  "Updating WEMO link.  Please do not unplug the WEMO link until the update is complete."  But like I said, this has been like this for a day.  Is there anything I can do to get my WEMO switches and lights working again?

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Re: Wemo switches not working after changing routers

Hi, Rody. Since you have a new router, you have to reset all the Wemo devices and reconfigure them with the new router's settings. That means after resetting each Wemo device, connect your smartphone to each of the device’s setup SSID (one at a time) and do the setup process all over again. Also, please uninstall and re-install the Wemo app before doing the reconfiguration. Hope this helps. 

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