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Wemo works with Alexa even though skill is not enabled!!

I have three Wemo mini plugs and a couple of light switches, installed over a period of maybe 11 months. All of them work fine with Alexa: Alexa sees them on the wifi network, identifies them as Wemo devices of the appropriate kind, allows me to turn them on and off by voice, includes them in routines, etc.

The puzzling thing is that I don't have the Wemo skill enabled in Alexa, and in fact I can't enable it -- no matter what I try the skill complains that it can't identify them them, please try again later.

I'm not really complaining, because everything works, but I'm puzzled. How is Alexa working without the appropriate skill here? Does the official skill offer any other functionality that I'm missing? Am I going to abruptly lose functionality when Alexa wakes up and realizes this shouldn't work?

Two possibly relevant points:

  • I have a SmartHome hub which Alexa talks to, and she recognizes all my Wemo devices twice - once on wifi, once through the hub. But I think the hub is getting the information about the devices from Alexa in the first place and then just reflecting it back to her.

  • The first Wemo devices I added were close to a year ago. I don't remember, but possibly I had the Wemo skill enabled then. Didn't Wemo "update" their skill by introducing a new one and removing the old one? Could Alexa still be working through the old skill, even though it's not shown in the "Your Skills" list?

(I've tried to figure this out via the Wemo support on Twitter, but after a long and frustrating back and forth I'm no wiser; there's the usual problem with first-tier support that they just look for a couple of key words and then try to answer a problem that I don't have, recommending things I've already tried.)

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Re: Wemo works with Alexa even though skill is not enabled!!



Wemo switches and sockets can be discovered and then work natively with an echo or dot, the skill is not required.


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