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Wifi Setup network broadcasting constantly

I’ve configured and set up about 20 different Wemo
Products and I am noticing on some of the Wemo mini smart plugs, even after they are set up and on a wifi network, they still continuously broadcast their setup wifi network (which includes the 3 digits of the serial number appended to the end of the wifi network).

Attempting to join them does nothing, it fails but the only work around to remove the broadcast is to unplug and re plug back in.

Typically the network is supposed to go into a hidden state, but this is not always the case.

Called support and troubleshoot steps are basic and do not resolve anything.

Anyone experiencing this as well?

I have latest firmware installed on all mini smart plugs.
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Re: Wifi Setup network broadcasting constantly

To be clear, the plugs operate as expected and are accessible remotely via the app and locally on the wifi network of my home.
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Re: Wifi Setup network broadcasting constantly

Hi, crazycdn. Have you tried resetting and reconfiguring them again? What's the current LED status of the Wemo Minis? Try to check this on a different handheld device if they are also seeing the plug's setup SSID. Make sure that the OS are on their latest versions. Please update us of the results.

Jo-Ann - 21744
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Re: Wifi Setup network broadcasting constantly

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Yes, I have tried to reset and re-configure them.  The LED status of the Wemo's are normal/typical.  There is no LED light on the unit until it is turned on physically or by voice command.


They appear on all handheld devices including my Access Point ESSID scan (which scans all wifi broadcasting units in the vicinity)


The firmware is completely upgraded.  All devices are operating as expected and are network communication to them is functional (ping is successfull from a host computer)/mobile device.


This is becoming a big issue since it is putting unwanted congestion onto my wifi network and interfering with surrounding networks based on the quantity of devices I have.


Firmware Versions of the devices that are currently acting up....





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Re: Wifi Setup network broadcasting constantly

[ Edited ]

Just an update:


After rebooting my switches the networks did go away (as expected) and just did some further investigation.  My access points that broadcast my wifi network for my WeMo devices is set to auto reboot on Sunday's at 3AM every week.  This seems to be where the problem is stemming from.

What I'm suspecting is that the firmware on the WeMo switches are not optimized for re-establishing a connection after a temp loss of connectivity.  Once the AP is brought back online, other devices successfully re-connect but the WeMo Mini's struggle and continue to Broadcast even though they eventually re-establish a link with the configured wifi SSID.


I'm not sure if having a hidden SSID is a contributing variable in this or not, but I'd be interested to know if the others responding to this thread have hidden SSID's as well.


I did some packet capturing on one of the WeMo devices during the time it was broadcasting the setup SSID, and did notice a lot of continuous DHCP requests from the WeMo device, but the device did not respond correctly.  It was almost like the DHCP process was in a loop of some sort.


For now I have disabled auto reboot of my wireless AP and will update with any issues, but for now - this really needs to be looked at by the devs.


Here's a ping report where you can see the PING response/activity to the WeMo device...


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Re: Wifi Setup network broadcasting constantly

I am seeing the same thing. I have two mini plugs and two dimmers, all set up and working fine, but the mini plugs are still broadcasting.
my phone kept disconnecting from main wifi I thought I had an issue with my new unifi router, then realised those two mini plug networks were remembered and my phone was trying to reconnect to them.
However I still don't like the security issue of having those switches broadcasting after setup.
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Re: Wifi Setup network broadcasting constantly

I just got a three pack of the new mini smart plugs. I finally got them up and running (kept wanting to connect to HomeKit, which I’m not ready to do) and now they are all broadcasting their SSIDs. This is a bit annoying and your post has given me some insights. I have tried unplugging them, but they continue to broadcast the SSID. I will monitor this space for any resolution. In the mean time, the worst that a hacker could do is to turn my Christmas lights on and off. 🤓
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Re: Wifi Setup network broadcasting constantly


Hello rbuergel,


We understand your security concern. However, it doesn't pose any danger to your wireless network or Wemo. Once the setup is completed, the Wemo changes from setup mode to operation mode. Know that we are already looking for a fixed but there is no lead time yet. Just keep your Wemo devices up-to-date. Loopback for further assistance.

Reynaldo - 22029
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Re: Wifi Setup network broadcasting constantly

Maybe it's a danger, maybe not.   You folks don't have the greatest track record when it comes to wemo security.  Why not just fix it before something bad happens.

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Re: Wifi Setup network broadcasting constantly

I’m having this issue also with me 12 Wemo minis