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Wifi change

How do I change wifi settings, I changed my router ?
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎05-18-2017

Re: Wifi change

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Re: Wifi change

Hi Rotovaas


If you change your new router's name (SSID) and password to the same as the old one (for WiFi access, not it's admin username and password), your WeMos should log on and start working. Remember that WeMos need the 2.4GHz band too.


If you don't know how to do that, you'll need to factory reset your WeMos and start again from scratch using the new router's defaut name and password, but again remember that WeMos need the 2.4GHz wifi band.



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Re: Wifi change

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The 2nd suggestion mentioned by Peterjameson is the best step to do whenever you replace your router or change the router's wireless settings. You may check this link for your reference: http://www.belkin.com/us/support-article?articleNum=8010




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