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Will this simple rule work n it will then how let me know..?

I 've had a wemo switch for years and it bought the farm. Now using a wemo mini and love the convenience.

I've only been using it manually, though. I use it to manually turn on/off my tankless hot water heater recirculation pump when home. So, I get instant hot water when home and need it and can keep it off at other times. Sometimes i forget to turn it off when I go to bed and, therefore, the tankless flashes the water every 25 min to maintain instant hot water.

Will this simple Schedule rule do this: if ON, turn OFF at midnight. If OFF, leave OFF at midnight?


AT= 12AM Daily

Not sure if there's some unexpected behavior with this rule? The Wemo board mentioned some unexpected behavior for an auto off timer when the wemo is manually already off



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Re: Will this simple rule work n it will then how let me know..?

Hi, KuldeepM. We'd like to have a better understanding with regard to your concern. Do you mean to say if you turn on the Wemo device via Wemo app, the device will turn on, and will automatically turn off at midnight? If so, you can select the auto-off timer rule and create your desired rule. You may refer on this link and follow the necessary steps. Hope this helps.

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