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dimmer + 3 led: works | dimmer + 5 led: not working

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I have a dimmable 5 bulb light fixture that requires five 60 W E12 light bulbs. https://www.allmodern.com/lighting/pdp/bautista-5-light-chandelier-wrlo7386.html


I purchased Ecosmart  (1002 914 634) B11 candelabra base 60W (equiv.) LED bulbs, 120V, 5.5 watt, 2700k.


When I put three bulbs regardless of their location out of 5 sockets, the dimmer works though the range of brightness is somewhat limited. But as soon as I add 4th bulb, all of the light's brighness go straight up to 100%. This is not getting brighter by adding more bulb. The dimmer level on wemo doesn't change the brighness as it did for 3 bulbs.


Would it be the bulbs to blame or the wemo?




I have tried Ecosmart 40W (equiv.) dimmable bulb - but now it works only when four bulbs are installed. As soon as I add 5th bulb the dimmer goes back to unresponsive - it goes straight to maximum brightness regardless of the level on the dimmer switch.


Please someone advise.. Moderator or anyone? 

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Re: dimmer + 3 led: works | dimmer + 5 led: not working

Hi sbaek,


The Wemo Dimmer's maximum output wattage support for the LED bulbs is 150W. Although it worked for 4 bulbs, we do not recommend it for safety purposes. It's best if you can use a dimmer that can handle the more than 150W or the requirements of 5 bulbs.

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Re: dimmer + 3 led: works | dimmer + 5 led: not working

After all, it was the light bulb.

Neither 40W nor 60W Ecosmart doesn't work, but Philips bulb does.


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Can't find workable bulb

Mentioned Phillips bulb which number?


Having trouble locating a workable dimmer bulb. Looking for 60W equivalent (about 8-9W). Have tried Ecosmart (1001 370 384) and Great Value.

Thanks in advance for your help.