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Registered: ‎10-10-2017

one light switch has developed connectivity issues

One Wemo switch now consistently drops off the LAN. But that wemo switch is mounted in the same wall plate as an identical wemo switch with solid connectivity. This has been a stable set up for nearly one year. No new changes to the LAN config or other devices.  Already performed a factory reset then connect to the wemo wifi of the switch and proceeded to reset up but when I get to connect it to the home wifi it states can’t  connect check password.

Arrrh the password is correct and signal strength is full.  Remember a functional light switch is in the same plate

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Re: one light switch has developed connectivity issues

Hi, @Rodney. With regard to the dropping connection of your Light Switch, it may have something to do with the firmware. Please check the Wemo App and see if there's a need to update the firmware. Going back to the reconfiguration, make sure to key in the correct password and take note that this is case sensitive. If that won't do the trick, you can try another handheld device for further isolation.

Update this thread with more details so we can sort this out.

Pamela - 21733
WEMO Technical Support