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Registered: ‎06-18-2017

size of wall switch

I am interested in using the wall switch in Mexico. The electrical system is compatible with the USA, but I am not sure about switch sizes. I have a wall plate with an opening of 1.75 inches by 13/16 inches. Will the Wemo switch fit? and how much room is needed in the wall cavity. Thanks for your help. A pic of my plates is attached. 


switchplate 2.JPG

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Re: size of wall switch

Hello, mjohn1006. Below are the product dimensions of the Wemo Light Switch:


  • Product Height 2.12 Inch (5.38 cms)
  • Product Length 5.07 Inch (12.88 cms)
  • Product Width 3.31 Inch (8.41 cms)

Base on the photo you've sent, we believe that the Wemo Light Switch will fit just fine.

Dennis - 20702
WEMO Technical Support
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Registered: ‎06-18-2017

Re: size of wall switch

Sorry to beat this to death, but I'm reluctant to buy 4 of these unless I am sure they will fit. Construction techniques are a little different down here. 
I opened one of the switches in the wall. Your switch would have to be mounted sideways, not vertical, in order to fit into the wall plate.
The wall is solid concrete and the opening is 2 inches wide X 3 inches high. The wiring looks adequate, but the width bothers me. It's really small. Plenty of depth, but not much width. I'm beginning to think that only 1 of these would fit where presently I have two mini switches. and even then it's maybe too tight. 
what do you think? 
Thanks, Mark Johnson
PS: the wall plate consists of two parts. The outside visible part snaps onto a smaller plate inside. The switch snaps onto the back of the inner "plate" and it is this inner part that screws into the hole in the wall. I'm thinking, if your switch is standard American sizing, I might get one in the wall vertically and drill holes in the concrete to screw them in. And I would need an American wall plate. That leaves me with no room for the second switch. Sounds like I'm starting to talk myself out of these.
Here are a couple pictures.
wall switch 1a.jpgwall switch 1a.jpg