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Re: wemo dimmer stop working

@Gerard_P wrote:

@GeneraI wrote:
Has anyone found a resolution for this issue? Also having issues where my dimmer switch failing to recognize after months of use and being ok. I have over 20 wemo switches that work and the issue is only on the dimmer switch itself (just acting up around a month ago); switch still has power, but can’t reset or app not recognizing the dimmer switch. Very frustrating, tried every recommendation

Try To reboot the Wemo Dimmer, turn OFF the connected bulb.  Then press and hold the LED bar for 2 to 5 seconds.  Release the button when the LED bar is illuminated white. Now, If the Wemo Light Switch/Dimmer is not responding to the Restart button, turn OFF the power by turning the circuit breaker OFF and then turning it back ON. Have you tried to use a different handheld device with an updated Wemo app to check if the Wemo Dimmer can be detected?


Click this link on how to reboot and restore the Wemo Dimmer.

Time to rethink your support procedures.  If the customer has replaced a switch with a dimmer switch, how do you propose they turn off the bulbs?  Remove them all from their sockets?


If you think he reset it incorrectly (since he's already tried everything), maybe just say that and point him to the correct instructions.  If you actually read his question, he said it was working fine before.  So the handheld device was already working, as was the app (more or less).  The only thing that's changed recently is the app and the firmware.


Perhaps a better plan would be to properly test the firmware and hardware before releasing it.  If you're so sure a different handheld device will work better, perhaps you should test with more of them before releasing the app to figure out why the app is failing on some.


In any case, he said the APP is failing to recognize the dimmer, he did NOT say the dimmer was refusing to connect to wifi or has stopped responding to the switch.  If you think he's wrong, ASK HIM rather than send him on a wild goose chase.  If not, then tell him how to repair your app.

WEMO Maker Inventor
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Re: wemo dimmer stop working

Cute.  How does one turn off bulbs that are controlled only by the wemo switch?  For some that means getting out the ladder and removing the bulbs from the fixture.   How about just fixing the firmware bugs instead of forcing folks through this?  it's clear from this thread it all started with the last upgrade.


And why on earth would he need to try a different handheld device?  You *quoted him* telling you it works with 20 wemos and even the dimmer was working ok before the last firmware update.  Do you really think his phone broke?  Gerard, I'd suggest looking at your testing practices to "solve this latest challenge" and perhaps contact level 2 engineering to ask them: have YOU tried different handheld devices?

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Re: wemo dimmer stop working

The bulbs that currently work in all of my other Weemo Dimmers and Light Switches do not work with this dimmer. The Dimmer appears to "work"as far as the app is concerned, and the lights change on the dimmer itself, but the lights that I want to turn on/off or dim do not work at all. I have switched out bulbs. I've rebooted several times per the instructions from the Wemo website and from this thread. I think I am going to have to return the unit as it does not work. Period.

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Re: wemo dimmer stop working

Before you consider returning the device, hlg8n8800. Allow us to have our Escalation Engineers check on your case by sending us an email at WemoCares@belkin.com along with the following details:

-Phone Number
-Community Username
-Link to this thread

Jo-Ann - 21744
WEMO Technical Support