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Registered: ‎04-15-2018

wemo light switch not working after the firmware update

I used my 2 wemo light switch and 1 smart plug for almost 2 years. It's been working fine at all time until this update. I did some update before, they always takes about 5-10mins. But this one took me 1 full day, and end up with a fail update. After that, I cannot find my wemos from the app, and I cannot even turn on and off my light manually. I did restart the switch, reset the switch, and also turn off and on my breaker, none of them works. Now the indicator on wemo looks fine, shows green and yellow. It looks like the switches are ready for the setup. I can see the wemo wifi from my iphone. But when I try to connet to the wemo's wifi, it did not work, shows connecting all the time. So I am stuck at this step. If I cannot get my phone connet to wemo's wifi, I cannot do the following steps. Anyone knows what happened for this update? It sucks that I cannot even turn on my lights manually.  

Posts: 2
Registered: ‎04-24-2018

Re: wemo light switch not working after the firmware update

Did you ever get this fixed?