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wemo switch

I had to get a new  router. Upon reconnecting after resetting the switch, all goes along fine. The switch detects the wifi network and connects....but the mobile app show switch as "unavailable"?

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Re: wemo switch

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Hi, jat13324. What's the model number of the switch? Are you using the latest Wemo app? Are your handheld device and the switch connected to the same 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network? What's the current status of the switch's LED indicator?


For isolation, power cycle the switch and uninstall/re-install the Wemo app. You can also try using another handheld device to see if the same thing happens.


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Wemo Technical Support
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Re: wemo switch

The switch is unresponsive both physically and via the app. Resetting and restarting won’t work either. The only thing I think I need to do is shut off the breaker. This is the secondI’ll time I’ve had this problem with this particular switch. I have reported it on the community board previously. This issue has appeared 5months ago...
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Re: wemo switch

Hi, @Elcycad. Is it showing as not detected on the Wemo App? If so, can you tell us the LED status of the device so we can check on it? By may, please tell us the model number of the Wemo Device so we can assist you accordingly with this.

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