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Add WEMO Light Bulbs to list of compatible devices for Wemo Bridge (HomeKit)

by Mark on ‎01-10-2018 02:44 AM

Please add compatibility for the WeMo light globes (now obsolete) with the new WeMo bridge. That would be great as I can’t see any reason why the wemo light bulbs would not be able to take advantage of HomeKit via a hub like the Phillips Hue. I am sure that there a many users of WeMo light bulbs who would purchase the wemo bridge for this. Thanks in advance. 

by Ac921ol
on ‎01-10-2018 09:28 AM
I just read somewhere it’s suppose to work with the light bulbs, so fingers crossed. Even tho I usually just tell Alexa to dim or turn them on/off
by macwk
‎01-10-2018 03:17 PM - edited ‎01-11-2018 07:44 AM

I have many of the WEMO LED light bulbs with the Wemo Link they used to sell and was very disappointed when I  installed the WEMO Homekit Bridge that it didn't suppor them.  Please place a high priority on adding the bulbs and Wemo Link to your Bridge supported products.