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Add a switch sans wiring - only sends the signals

by hdiggity007 on ‎10-22-2018 03:45 PM

Not sure if this one has come up yet. I would like to suggest a stick on wemo switch that would simply send the on/off signal. No wiring, just the signal. X10 has this. This would allow us to add additional (intuitive) switches where needed, to control existing lights already covered by a wemo light switch. 




by hdiggity007
on ‎10-22-2018 03:50 PM

Actually, this could also in a way be the solution to the 3way/4way problem we all have. just hard wire one of the switches thereby eliminating it, and then use this type of switch I suggest to simply send the signal. this would solve multiple use cases. Just make sure this new type of switch can go directly on the wall (stick-on) or replace an existing switch in the box.