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Allow echo "plus" to connect to Wemo dimmer without requiring the Wemo skill

by Djurkovic on ‎12-29-2017 01:06 PM

The Echo “plus” from Amazon can control the Wemo light switch and power outlet without requiring to install the Wemo skill. This is because the echo plus has a built-in hub and it can turn on and off these devices with less than two seconds. But to allow the echo plus to control Wemo dimmer, we have no choice to install the Wemo skill. When the Wemo skill is installed, the latency for the echo plus to control the Wemo devices jump to five seconds. The proposal is to have the capability for the echo plus to not require the installation of Wemo skill to control Wemo dimmer. Thanks!

by azjerry
on ‎12-29-2017 04:18 PM

A workaround is to use an extension cord with a right angle plug. Not ideal but there you have it.