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Ceiling Fan Control

by jedwards on ‎05-28-2017 07:49 AM

Would love to see you guys release a ceiling fan controller to replace the wall switch.





by ualymerej
on ‎06-27-2017 11:41 AM

I second this. We need a wemo solution for this as I have not found an easy solution to have a speed controller that can be adjusted by an app as well as have the same speed control on the physical wall switch.

by bakerbug
on ‎07-23-2017 08:46 AM

I would love to be able to control my ceiling fan!  I was so excited when the news came out of a dimmer switch, but from what I understand it is not rated to control the speed of a ceiling fan.  A dimmer switch that is ceiling fan rated would be absolutely awesome!

by dbeish
on ‎08-28-2017 09:21 PM