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Dimmer setup issues

by cbare on ‎01-13-2018 11:07 AM

Hi, I am setting up two new WEMO dimmer switches (right next to each other in same box). I am not able to get either to configure completely.  When the blue light is blinking, I connect my Samsung G7 to that wifi network, open the Wemo app, it recognizes the dimmer, I name the switch, then hit next, it asks about what type of light, I select LED, hit next, it moves to lowest dimmer setting, hit next.... Then it drops the wifi, reconnects me to home network and the wemo app only sees the original devices, not the new device. I have powered down one of the two switches in case it was an issue with two new wemo's but that hasn't resolved the issue. Was able to press the blue LED long enough to go red but only once.

What am I missing?  How do I complete the setup?  Will the LED bulbs stop pulsing/flashing after the switch is configured?

Thank you!  cbare