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Does Manually Turning On Off override rules

by xforce11 on ‎03-06-2018 07:52 AM
Wemo Mini Smart plugs. If I have rules set up and I manually turn on the plug and then off does that override the rules.

Example I have it set to turn off at 10:30pm and I turn it on at 10:31 and back off at 10:40. will it come back on the next day when I have the rules set up for it to start.

by xforce11
on ‎03-06-2018 08:10 AM

Posted in the wrong area cannot delete.

by Moderator
on ‎03-06-2018 11:59 PM

Hi, xforce11As soon as you manually turn the Wemo devices off it will override the rule. Even if you turn it back on before the OFF time specified in the rule, the rule will no longer be controlling the devices and it will continue to stay on until you turn it off. 

by PeterJameson
on ‎03-07-2018 12:41 AM

Hello xforce11


The simple answer you were asking for is yes, overriding the rule by manual operation of your WeMo will cancel it temporarily but it will start working again when the next cycle comes 'round.