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Embedded Bluetooth for Proximity Switching

by girald on ‎12-20-2014 10:04 PM

Hello all..\


It would be very cool to have Bluetooth embedded (along with existing tech) in order to have a phone or bluetooth type pendant switch the device on or off...


The way it would work, is that you pair the wemo to the bluetooth device, and decide on  a signal strengh that will set off the trigger. This would give specific users access to switch the devices on or off.


In other words, its diferent from the motion sensors, in that the lights wont go on or off with every movement of the kids, dogs and whathaveyou. With a bluetooth device (Even a WEMO Keychain Pendant with an on/ off) you can set certian devices to go on or off as well....


Practical applicaiton:


WEMO Bluetooth Pendant on Dog Collar:

Opens dog door for dog, turns on back porch light for dog when using restroom outside, etc.

Dog pendant wont turn on all of the lights, since you program it for certian lights only--- And IFTTT could alert you that its the dog triggering devices, so you know its not your neighborhood burglar.


Entry: Turns on hall lights when at the front door, or through the house.


Walk Though: Lights up certian areas as you walk through them in an office building



The idea is to have a controlled proximity trigger that you can quickly toggle on or off.



Since im on about a possible WEMO Pendant,  how about 2 buttons... 1 on/off for it,,,but also 1 manual trigger to turn it Toggle on/off Manually..

So, if you walk into the bedroom with wife sleeping, and you forgot to turn it off, you can quickly push the button to turn off the switch you turned on (active via proximity)  A fast and effective way to trigger without pulling out the phone and opening the app or widget


My 2 Cents