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Group wemo outlets

by Arielt on ‎11-20-2018 11:26 AM
Can we please make it possible to group wemo outlets? I have 2 outlets in one room and I set up an IFTTT to turn them on and off, but it has to be individually. If we can make it so they are grouped to a room that way we can turn on and off lights in a room I think that would be great. Please let me know if this is something you can do
by bnickell
on ‎11-27-2018 02:23 PM

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll send this over to our SW/UX team for review. 




Brian (Wemo PM)

by kbisignani
on ‎12-12-2018 04:10 AM
@Arielt, I was in the exact same boat as you. Once you start adding a number of outlets, switches, etc., it's obvious you need to be able to group these things together.

And then I entered the Google Home ecosystem. It (and I'm sure other assistants) give you that ability to create rooms and group things together, and then turn them all on as a group. For example, I've created a "room" for Christmas Lights and on verbal command or using the Google Home app I can turn on all four WeMo outlets that are in this group simultaneously.

WeMo becomes instantly better once you add a smart assistant into the mix!