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Insight switch - Ability to track / create notification based on power fluctuations or lack of

by nsonde1977 on ‎01-08-2015 08:14 PM

Had a bad experience with an upright freezer several months ago.  Door was cracked open, and it sat that way for days.  Very expensive accident. 


Potential solution with Insight Switch (if it had a few more options).  If freezer condenser is running, my insight switch can show me that the wattage consumption is higher that if the condenser was not running.  Would love to have functionality that would be able to notify me if the switch stayed at or above a certain wattage for a specified period of time.  (Just got the Wemo Maker, and maybe I can do something with the maker to help solve the constant running freezer problem)...


Could be used for other applications such as a sump pump that is running continously when it should not be, and other devices / appliances that cycle on and off. 


Also would be nice to be able to track fluctuations using an IFTTT recipe.

by WEMO Maker Inventor
on ‎01-08-2015 09:19 PM

You can set the standby threshold for the insight, perhaps the transition from standby to on could be tracked using IFTTT? 


If not you can use WemoManager for this - any state change (off/standby/on) can trigger various actions including sending any of a few different notifications types.  You can set it to only taking action if the state remains in effect for any given length of time.  It's also pretty handy for turning the insight back on, as insights may crash every few days or so and come back online in the off state.



by tmbpack
on ‎01-12-2015 05:49 AM

This sounds like a good feature.


In the short term, there's an option to send daily/weekly/monthly logs in the Insight settings.  You can also do an on demand log.  The files are sent to your email from WeMoExport@belkin.com with an extenion of .csv.  I don't know what time of day the notifications are sent.  It measures the power consumption every 30 minutes.  The file can be opened with MS Excel, and I recommend saving it as a .xlsx file.


You can set-up an IFTTT rule on the Gmail channel (assuming you have a Gmail account) to trigger when you receive an email from WeMoExport@belkin.com.  Then, you can set-up an action to receive a notification, SMS, or whatever.  I don't check my email everytime I get a message because I get so many.  However, I do check text messages or app notifications.

by astengaard
on ‎10-26-2015 04:41 PM

I know this is an old thread, but I'll try anways :-)

Did you get this setup to work?

I'm facing the same problem and I'm considering buying af WeMo Insight to monitor the freezer...