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Mirror Switches

by juliand on ‎12-05-2017 02:24 PM

I see that the app allows control of multiple switches from a single switch using a long press. My idea is to extend this idea in one of two ways, maybe both.


1. Allow the same control based on a short press

2. More interestingly is to allow the creation of a "mirror group" such that any state of one switch is reflected in all the switches.


For the second option, there is obviously a problem with keeping everything in sync - but I think that can be solved by defining one switch as the master, and all the rest as slaves - an event on a slave, does not make any actual changes on the slave, only on the master - the master then sends the state to the slaves. The slaves would not even appear in the Wemo app main device screen.


This is different from a scene, in that the switch states are not independent. If you have a load on a slave, it can't be independently controlled from the rest of the loads on the other switches.


This basically allows for an N-way switch setup - but not having a load on one of the switches, mutiple switches can control that load.