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More (or any) control over the WEMO Dimmer bottom indicator lights.

by Technicks on ‎11-25-2017 07:53 PM

If you are a consumer like me, there's a chance you bought the WEMO dimmer thinking the blue light below the timmer looks great as shown in most marketing materials. Well to my surprise, that light goes away when dimmer is all set up, and there's no way to change the behavior of the indicator light!


My suggestion is to allow end users to choose what the indicator light below the dimmer does. In my case, i'd like to make the indicator light below the dimmer stay on all the time or when the lights are off. 

In addition, since that's an RGB light, it would be awesome to let us use a color wheel to change the color as well.


Thanks! I'm eager to hear everyone's comments!

by vjford
on ‎12-02-2017 10:56 AM
We have asked the very same question and was sent here. I know a firmware update would allow this. Not only does the LED bar show lit light blue on all marketing material, and the product picture on the website (all sites that sell it), but it is shown light blue in the Wemo app, giving the user the impression that they should be able to configure it on and off. Very annoying to the customer.