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Multiples locations

by idumonta ‎09-29-2018 01:16 PM - edited ‎09-29-2018 01:21 PM


We need a feature for multiples locations.

Please advise ASAP.

TP-Link have this feature!

by firefox111
on ‎12-02-2018 09:48 AM

That is why I switched to Insteon because of this issue.  I have two houses.  With Insteon, you can manage devices in house1 and house2.  Although not simultaneously.  You can switch to either house and manage the corresponding devices in that house.

by Mrlease
on ‎12-06-2018 10:38 AM
This request was made about 2 years ago.
I think it is an essential need. Obviously Belkin doesn't think so.
by kbmyers
on ‎12-16-2018 03:23 PM

I wish Belkin would be more upfront about this limitation, and I wish I had done more research before I bought additional devices that I now have to return.

by firefox111
on ‎12-16-2018 05:51 PM

I'm pulling all my wemo switches from my primary house and bring them all to my second house.  I will replace them with insteon smart modules.  I will use the wemos in my second house until they die.  I will not invest on belkin devices ever.

by jcdas
on ‎12-18-2018 12:11 PM

I wish I knew this before I purchased.  Maybe I'll return my switch.


It works just fine for me, but I want a system where I can have a configuration for my House, and a separate way to manage my Church WIFI light switches, all from my iPhone, or other selected church members from their smartphones.  But I don't want others to see my home configuration!


The church has a separate WIFI SSID.  I need something where our church secretary could update the schedule from a WEB browser so that exteriour lights only come on for hours where we have scheduled activities.

by kaka
‎12-24-2018 07:40 AM - edited ‎12-29-2018 03:41 AM

@idumonta wrote:

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We need a feature for multiples locations.

Please advise ASAP.

TP-Link have this feature!

i look for it and the smae answer i find 




hope it help you too 


good luck


by Husker
on ‎12-26-2018 06:21 AM
Please add ASAP
by pino2000
‎01-21-2019 08:41 AM - edited ‎01-21-2019 11:29 AM

 I neve https://ovo.fyi/xvideos/  r realized this till I set up my Dad's wemos at his 2 houses yet Wemo just chips away at a 1 home for every record strategy. That shouldn't be the situation. It is https://ovo.fyi/youporn/ pleasant to have an alternative to have various home areas and clients could click a best focus menu to switch homes and view Wemos for that specific home.  https://ovo.fyi/xhamster/

by firefox111
on ‎01-21-2019 09:17 AM

In my case, I moved all my three wemo plugs to my second home and replaced them with Insteon in my primary home. I will let these wemo plugs die and will eventually replace them with Insteon. I’m so happy with my Insteon. I can manage devices in my two homes. I can switch homes easily. I will never buy a Belkin device ever.