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Netcam App Login Fail

by khai on ‎05-24-2018 12:38 PM

I have a new camera from Amazon with an extended warranty. I have been trying to get the app to work for two weeks now. 

I created an account (why don't we receive an account verification email or contact info for app/camera support?), completed my set up and the camera is connected to my wifi (fios network).


I can login online. My firmware is up to date. I am unable from my(iphone 10), or a roommates (iphone 7, iphone 5s) to use my login for the app.


I tried reseting the camera, reconfiguring, building a new account. No luck.


I spoke to a level 2 escalation team member. they suggested restarting my iphone, removing the app, confirming hardware is up to date. No luck.


They suggested using a third party ISecurity +  (apparently the people who also built the wemo app) and synching the camera through that. login still refused.


I am waiting to talk to a level 3 'engineer, cloud support and server team member. Any other suggestions?