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New functionality needed for Wemo switches

by robertewood on ‎12-02-2018 12:57 PM

I have recently added some Wemo switches to my home. On the one hand, they are very conveneint, especially for things that only I need to control and are located in inconvenient places. However thay lack a vital function that I have on my X10 system. I can only control the device plugged into the Wemo switch from my Wemo app, unless I push the button on the Wemo switch. This is very inconveneent for many of the places where I would like to use the Wemo switch. A table or floor lamp, for example, often is plugged into a wall outlet that is hidden behind furniture or is in an otherwise hard-to-reach location. On my X10 system,  by simply operating the lamp switch twice, I can turn it on without having to use my X10 controller. My wife is not an electronics guru, and hates it when I connect her lamps to something like Wemo, but those I have on an X10 system are transparent to her. Also, guests in my home, and younger children, can operate the lamps; they would not be able to do so with a Wemo switch. it would seem to me that it should be relatively simple to incorporate this functionality into Wemo proucts, with a simple firmware update. It would make Wemo switches vastly more usable by "the masses," and should become a significant selling point. Devices could be pugged into a Wemo switch and turned on/off remotely or automatically, but would also be able to be turned on/off manually, as though there were no Wemo switch in place - Best of Both Worlds!

by Dwest
on ‎12-02-2018 01:02 PM

Or get a echo dot and then friends and family can use say” turn the light on”. Can’t get any easier than that.

by txmmoore
on ‎12-03-2018 06:15 AM

The WEMO mini plugs have a switch.