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Power Consumption Charts?

Status: Implemented
by Community Manager on ‎07-15-2012 03:49 AM

I'm impressed with Wemo's set-up method - using the app to connect the device to the wifi network.

I'd love to be able to see a chart of power consumed and on & off times. Ideally I could download a csv file with all that data for each wemo device. This might be better achieved in a web interface with your wemo servers.

Very clever, and I like where it looks like you're going!


Status: Implemented
This can be done with the WeMo Insight Switch and IFTTT.
by Community Manager
on ‎05-12-2014 10:38 AM
Status changed to: Implemented
This can be done with the WeMo Insight Switch and IFTTT.
by Adrius42
on ‎07-03-2015 01:25 AM


by Bluee0510
on ‎07-04-2015 04:54 AM


Hello, Adrius42. I found different IFTTT recipes about this. Also, on the WEMO app itself you'll see the energy consumption of your appliances by using the WEMO Insight Switch.

by nuning
on ‎11-30-2017 07:04 PM

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