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by ABCD on ‎07-19-2017 06:36 AM

I tried to ask this question to Belkin Support, but they don't seem very keen on actually offering support & I got stuck in an endless ring of unhelpful FAQs. I'm hoping someone here might be able to help.


i have a home wifi network with a guest network that is created by a second router that is connected via Ethernet to my first router. Tomorrow I am receiving a a WeMo Insight Plug. I would like two things:


1) to be able to prevent people on the local guest network using the WeMo Switch.

2) to prevent people people on the global network from accessing the switch (other than me)


i am guessing the switch connects to Belkin Servers and they have some security to prevent random global access? 


Locally I am much less certain; is the Belkin WeMo switch connected only to a password protected WeMo Account? 


Or maybe I can use the main router to give the device a static home IP address and change the settings of the guest router to block local traffic to the device? The WeMo device will be connected to my personal network. 


What at do you think? Thanks. 



on ‎07-19-2017 06:41 AM
Also, I guess the WeMo device only uses standard ports and the firewall on my router isn't likely to block it? 
by WEMO Maker Inventor
on ‎07-20-2017 06:23 PM

You can't configure the wemo to block local access; anyone with access can use it and unless you block remote access they can continue to use it when they leave your home.  You might be able to remove their access once they leave, but if they reconnect to your network they could re-instate it.


So yes, you should probably prevent your guest network from accessing devices on your main network.


The belkin folks are better to talk about their cloud security, but basically if a user has never had access to your wemo they won't be able to access it remotely through the cloud.  However there is no visible logon mechanism.

by BF_10
on ‎07-20-2017 08:32 PM

Hi there, I'm new to this blog as well as a new WeMo customer. I bought a WeMo switch and have been trying to set it up unsuccessfully. Does anyone know hot to make the wemo connection safe rather than open to any wifi user? The setting up won't let me connect my WeMo to my secured personal WiFi connection. Thanks for your patience and assistance.

by Moderator
on ‎07-22-2017 12:19 AM

Hello, BF_10. Once a Wemo unit is successfully set up, it will no longer broadcast an open Wi-Fi network. If you're having problems connecting the Wemo to your network, make sure the band involved is the 2.4GHz frequency only. For setup instructions, refer here: http://www.belkin.com/us/support-article?articleNum=80142