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Use IFTTT after power failure

by Jchillock on ‎10-31-2017 06:28 PM

One of the drawbacks of the WEMO system, is the inability for the switches to go back to the state they were in before a power failure.  (If on turn back on).  So as a work around, I use IFTTT, and I tested the applet by unplugging the outlet switch, and used the notify me if the smart plug turns off. It worked!! Unfortunately it will also work when the daily rules turn them off. If Belkin can create an applet that detects a power failure or network change/resynch with the network, that should alert you that you need to manually turn things back on. You could also sell the applet as a Power failure alert for sump pumps, dehumidifiers, vacation homes, etc. Not optimal, but doable, and gets you around the safety liability of turning them back on. Possible????

by jalt1987
on ‎12-03-2017 10:31 AM

I'm curious how you got the notification to work? I'm using the smart outlet mini and created a notification for power off. However, if I unplugg it like you mention above I don't get any sort of notification. Curoius if you set this up differently than I did?