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WEMO Dimmer in the UK

by StillymanJ on ‎04-03-2019 02:41 AM

Hi All,


Am I right in thinking that the WEMO dimmer is NOT available in the UK? I can't seem to find it anywhere.




by chelspeed
‎04-03-2019 01:08 PM - edited ‎04-03-2019 01:11 PM

UK light switches are a different shape, square not tall and thin.  So if you could buy one in UK it wouldn't fit the hole in the wall.


That's similar to the switches though which come in UK, continental and US plug shapes.  So that wouldn't be too hard for Belkin to get round but.....


UK light switches are wired up differently.  Supply goes to the ceiling rose and a single pair of cores (permanently live and switched live) comes down to the switch.  The dimmer electronics need a neutral as well.  So if you could buy one in UK it wouldn't work without rewiring the house.  I guess that's why Belkin don't sell them in UK.