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WeMO Switch WiFi Extender issue

by aangle on ‎11-28-2017 01:46 AM

I have one Wemo Switch I installed over a year ago, linked to my main network and have not had an issue with it since, it just works. I have two other switches in a further location/room that need to use the WiFi extender that is hard wired in that room back to the same network. I have NEVER been able to get then to stay linked consistently. It is not a WiFi issue as the TV that uses the same WiFi extender signal works consistently. Best I have it is that they will stay connected for maybe 2 weeks and then when get used to having them they fail me and disconnect for no reason that I can figure out. Any advice on how to solve this issue? 

by WEMO Maker Inventor
on ‎11-28-2017 10:29 AM

Can you hardwire the extender and configure it to AP mode instead?