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WeMo Window -- Open / Close Blinds or Curtains

by WEMO Maker Inventor on ‎08-20-2014 06:59 PM
Hello All,
Just brainstorming for unique ideas for an auto window blind opener / closer using a WeMo maker.
I'm trying to steer away from the "continuous loop" chain type of mechanism often used with small servos to open/close off-the-shelf blinds. Also want to keep the form factor as small as possible and not obtrusive.. Going to shoot for adjusting as many variables as the window blinds allow (open, closed, top down, bottom up) depending on indoor/outdoor temps, UV index, time of day, and so on… all constructive ideas welcome. Thank you in advanced for any suggestions! -WeMoing-
by Bluee0510
on ‎08-21-2014 01:43 AM

You have very cool idea there! I have been playing on my WeMo Light Switch and still thinking of what else I can do with it. Let me do an experiment and post it here. Happy WeMoing. Smiley Happy 

by WEMO Maker Inventor
on ‎09-01-2014 01:03 AM

Hi, im also thinking of doing this but with an outdoor blind over my deck.

Im in the wemo maker inventor program and it turned up today so ill start expermenting with it.

i want my blind to go down when it gets windy and also go up when the sun hits the deck and down when it sets. also going to try to get it to stay down when its overcast.

Ill let you know how sucessful i am when or if i work it out.

by dreameruk
on ‎01-04-2015 11:20 AM

This is an excellent idea. Can't wait to see how you get on.

I'm just about to order my first Wemo Maker to add an ambient light sensor to my home automation. I can see the automatic blinds being my second project, might have to order two makers!



by fastRfastR
on ‎04-30-2015 10:44 AM

"Alexa, close the blinds": This would be great in every patient room of every hospital, hospice and nursing home on the planet, plus the homes of elderly, frail and disabled persons everywhere. (Pretty much the same market as many other WeMo nodes, I guess.) Got the nurses' vote, si? Designers: remember slat type blinds - horizontal and vertical - that rotate their slats as well as draw open and closed.

by post2gary
on ‎07-29-2015 05:56 AM

Great idea - suggested nearly a year ago. Belkin, if you're listening, trying searching for 'automated blinds uk' ..... the results are dire. You can do this Belkin 

by retireddave
on ‎12-12-2015 10:09 AM

Is there a WeMo switch available to power 120V window shades?  The present 120V wall switch has on-off-on positions to provide up/off/down travel control for the window shade.  If there is not a WeMo switch for this application, is there a Maker "recipe" for controlling these window shades?

by Moderator
on ‎12-13-2015 04:27 AM

Hi, retireddaveIf your current Window Shades meets this electrical requirements = Max 600W Incandescent or 1800W Resistive at 120VAC, then our WEMO Light Switch will work. Our WEMO devices operates at 120V in the US. For more queries and further assistance, you may email us at WEMOCares@belkin.com inlcuding the link of this community thread.


Jay - 15354
WEMO Technical Support