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by KenedyAgrela on ‎08-12-2017 05:33 PM
Hi there!

My name is Kenedy Agrela and I'm a Panamanian who's very very interested in making WeMo products stand up in this country! I super love WeMo products! All of them!! And I'm 100 % sure that WeMo products (especially Belkin) will really figure out in this country being the biggest company implementing really really easy domotic gadgets!!

1. There are no products like WeMo anywhere in Panama! So I'm really sure it would be innovating here!

2. Panama is in a really huge grown! The Panamanian economy has grown in the recent years an average of 10 %! That's a lot!!

3. You can see an important investment here in the capital (Panama City)

4. I know the perfect way to get into the market. Best strategy and logistics

5. And you have the best seller and lover of WeMo products (me)

Please!! Tell me anything about this great great idea!

Waiting for your answer!

Kenedy Agrela